Fries and Hip Hop is where all good things happen. Combine free french fries, house DJs playing your favorite old-school tunes and new-school trap, along with the chance to meet and dance with people from all over the city.

FNHH has been happening literally every single Friday for the last three years, making it a must-do activity for those traveling through Chiang Mai or living here.

Stand up and laugh your ass off every Saturday from 9pm – Late. Chiang Mai’s local and traveling comedians have an opportunity to test their creative yammering to a crowd. A good, relaxing evening of laughter, away from clubbing and in our safe little corner!

Corner Bistro Trivia Night has become some-what of a phenomena over the last few years. Every Wednesday, over 50 people come together, separate themselves in teams of five to eight, and wage intellectual war.

Question subjects range from general Chiang Mai Trivia, Pop Culture in 2014, Hip Hop Trivia, and more. Participants who feel they have a great set of questions to ask are welcome to host, so if you’re one of these people, hit the button below and shoot us a message!

A recent addition to Chiang Mai’s event calendar, Caribbean Night is a chance to dance to your favorite Dancehall and Reggaeton beats at Corner Bistro.

Local DJ Zeke Ramos lays down some infectious tunes with Kevin and the dance floor is usually filled with the city’s dirty dancers for the evening!

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