Steak is one of man’s greatest culinary obsessions and something we pride ourselves on whilst striving to to be the best restaurant in Chiang Mai. We’re going to talk you through the various popular cuts on this post. Steaks are generally referred to any piece of meat that falls in the category of ‘fast cooking cuts’. These cuts are generally low in connective tissues and therefore require less time to cook in comparison to ‘slow cooking’ cuts.

The Corner Bistro Macreuese Steak

The Corner Bistro Macreuese Steak

A steak cooked to perfection is tender, juicy, rich and hearty. There are of course many different ways to cook one. You can grill it, broil it, pan fry it or put it in the oven. Still, cooking a perfect steak is a hard job to master. The biggest mistake people make is that they don’t select the right cut for the occasion. A perfectly cooked steak starts with the selecting the right cut. There are various cuts to choose from with different flavor characteristics and cooking methods. So, to help you decide upon the right cut of meat for your steak, this post discusses some of the options.

Porterhouse and T-Bone

There is not a huge difference in taste between these two types of cuts. Both are parts of the short loin. The difference between these two types of cuts is that T-bone is smaller in size and contains more bone and less meat. The T-bone is cut from the thicker end of the spine. On the other hand, a porterhouse is cut from the further back of the short loin. It comprises of tenderloin of 1 – 1 inch at least.
While the porterhouse cut provides more meat than a T-bone, the T-bone cut is preferred by most chefs and customers. The T-bone, when cooked to perfection, provides a more tender cut.


Also known as filet, fillet and filet mignon. It is also called Chateaubriand when cut as a large centre cut. The Tournedo cut comes from the smaller tapered part of the tenderloin, neighboring the rib primal. It tastes extremely tender with a buttery texture to it. It is very low in fat and also subsequently low in flavor. The best way to cook it is to pan fry it or grill it. You can even roast it. Because it is very lean and low in fat, it cooks much faster. That is why they are more prone to lose the moisture and drying out.


It has become the rising star in the world of steaks. Also called a Spencer Steak, Rib Steak, Scotch Filet and Delmonico steak, it is cut from the front end of the Longissimus dorsi. It is highly marbled with a large portion of fat that separates the Longissiumus from the spinalis. The large amount of fat makes the steak one of the richest, meaty cuts. It is best enjoyed as medium rare or medium cooked.


A cut from the portion between the ribs and the fillet. It is lean, tender and intensely flavorful. It is a perfect balance of different flavors. It has a packed grainy texture to it and can get a bit chewy. However, it has a good marbling to it and a strong beefy taste.

Our Bavette Steak

Our Bavette Steak



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